“Eve! He is back, your handsome American.”
Eyvette wrung the towel cloth in her hands. Nervous didn’t begin to describe how she felt each time the man came to the café. Eyvette’s reaction had always been to hide behind the counter, listen to him order, and melt in her own piece of heaven. His voice was rich and deep, and it poured over her like warmed syrup.
“Mon Dieu, Eve, if you do not go out there and stake your claim, I will.”
Eyvette watched the petite blonde as she salivated over her man. She was sure, once Sophie went out there to introduce herself, there would be no chance for her. That is why she often pulled Sophie down with her when the man entered the café.
“He ordered a coffee,” Philippe, her boss and one time boyfriend, said as he worked the cash register. “He is not going to be alone for long. I am sure one of his bimbos will be joining him soon.”
“Hate is a choice, Philippe, and jealousy is an ugly emotion.”
“I am not jealous. Eve and I parted ways on good terms. And the only thing I hate is how many women he has.”
“And if Eve plays her cards right she could be one of them.”
“Eve isn’t as loose as you.”
Eyvette wasn’t a lot of things. The main reason she had broken up with Philippe was because he called her safe, wife material. He didn’t want her to work or pursue her dream of owning her own restaurant. Eve loved food, both eating and making it. She had just completed culinary school and was working her way to owning her own little place. Everyone thought her dream was crazy, her mother too. Elizabeth was only interested in getting her daughter a rich husband. According to her mother, the only good thing about her were her exotic looks, something she could thank her black father for. Her mother’s fiery red hair and beauty also imbued Eve’s beauty with the flecks of red in her dark curly hair that brought out her green eyes.
However, Eve wanted to be more than the nice, exotic-looking homemaker. She wanted to be daring. And her first chance had just presented itself. It was a tanned man, with a body and a face to die for. Eve walked out of the café, Sophie and Philippe’s voices dogging her heels. She walked up to him and he didn’t seem to notice her at all, a reaction she had never received before. Usually men watched her from afar, and each time she would approach they would be on their feet, offering her their chair. This man was stirring his coffee, deep in thought.

“I most definitely don’t want to fall in love,” he said.
And, before she could stop herself, Eve answered, “That is sad.”
The man looked up at her and the awestruck look she was used to getting from men registered on his face. It had to be her green eyes and the russet tones in her hair, a rare sight in biracial children.
Their eyes met, and Eve felt a kick in her chest that knocked the wind from her lungs. “May I get you something else?” Her voice trembled on her lips. Eve inhaled and tried to still her nerves, which were now on hyper drive.
“Non, merci.” The man looked away from her and, instantly, Eve’s heart dropped to her belly.
It wasn’t like her to push, but Eve wouldn’t give up. “Are you sure, monsieur?”
“Yes.” The man smiled at her before looking away once more.
“All right. If you need anything, just ask for Eve.”
“Merci.” He smiled before turning back to his coffee, effectively dismissing her.
Eve walked back into the café, more confused than ever. She sat down at a booth and looked out through the glass doors, staring at the strange man. There was something between them, an electric current that seemed to transfer through their eyes. The way he looked at her…it was like a soft touch during lovemaking. Something she had no experience in. However, she knew that when she made love to a man it would be that man, and he would look at her just as adoringly as he had a few minutes ago.
“So?” Sophie asked.
“I found it.” She smiled as she ran out of breath. Her heart beat out of her chest as tears stung her eyes. “I found him.”
“My one.”

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