hey guys!!! I know I said that i would be starting my own fanfic obsession, i even got a page up. The thing is I have been very busy with my own stories, POSSESSED, LOVE AND WAR both out in SEPTEMBER and writing the 5th NEW YORKER; ADDICTED TO HIM, excerpt below.


Plus THE REBEL’S OWN is going to be in a book bundle called WHIRLWIND ROMANCE. i will let you know more about it soon.







But for now take a look at my sisters book called BECAUSE I LOVE HIM, the go to response for every girl crazy and stupidly in love.  The book is up for pre-order. 51HaS7yVYhL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ Here is the blurb; Rafael DeLuca and Talia McKenna fall in love when the Italian business mogul goes to Boston to visit one of his family’s companies international offices and she is assigned to be his guide. But Rafe is already engaged and his marriage is also meant to merge his father’s and future father-in-law’s companies. He calls off the wedding and just days later, he finds Talia in bed with his brother. Months later Rafe is ready to fulfill his obligation by marrying his fiance and commit to his family responsibility but Talia crushes his wedding. She isn’t ready to let go of him just yet.

As promised a snippet of ADDICTED TO HIM ad Danny heard footsteps approaching her. She turned around and tried to run in the other direction. It was hard to do considering her vision had doubled and her feet were refusing to cooperate. She blew air into her palm and took a sniff of her breathe. The alcohol was pungent, but as long as she kept a safe distance away there was no way that they could smell it on her breathe. Now the hard part was to look sober.

“Feet don’t fail me now,” she muttered under her breathe.

“Danny?” It was Reno. Danny closed her eyes and counted down to ten before responding.


“You can’t get married.”

“What?” That again, Danny turned around to face her big brother, she wasn’t quite sure the expression she had on her face, but whatever it was Reno wasn’t liking it. His whole face frowned and Danny couldn’t help but giggle. Then she hiccuped, “Excuse me. What were you saying?”

“Are you drunk?” Danny jumped startled. The rage in Reno’s voice echoed in their parent’s house, hitting her like a ton of bricks. “Use your inside voice.”

“I swear to God, Danny!” Reno’s fists banged down on the dining room table, sending most of its contents flying to the ground making a crashing medley. “You just left rehab.”

“I know and it wasn’t as posh as I remembered it.”

“Do you think Christopher is going to marry an alcoholic?”

“Do you think he cares?” Danny stumbled towards the bar. She grabbed the whiskey bottle but couldn’t lift it. Her hand shook each time she picked it up. “Big brother, help a sister out.”

Reno grabbed her arm and spun her around. “What is happening to you? What do you think Kit would say?”

The mention of his name seemed to awaken Danny’s reserve strength. She pushed Reno away but not before slapping him. “That traitor abandoned me.”

“No he didn’t.”

“He left me!” Danny screamed.

“He died!”

That silenced her and miraculously managed to sober her up.Danny was angry, she had asked Kit not to go, but he had chosen his career over her. They had parted with a lie, she had tricked him into doing something he swore not to do because his career came first. Danny thought she had won. For a moment she had dug into the Kent cunning business chest and brought out a trump card. Kit never turned his back on responsibility. So she lied and she won, for a moment she had beat the Navy. But now the Navy had taken him from her.

“Don’t…he’s not…he is just M.I.A. He just doesn’t want a wife or children, so he is hiding. But they’ll find him. Then he will be marshaled… I mean court marshaled. It’s illegal to a coward, you know.”

“If you believed that you wouldn’t be marrying his twin brother.” Danny’s knees gave in. She dropped to the ground and just sat there, staring at the bamboo tiled floors. Reno sat next to her, but Danny just moved away. “Don’t. I’m not really interested in DJ’s kumbaya session.”

“It’s been a year. They haven’t found him, Danny.” Reno cupped her cheek and she pushed his palm away. “Marrying Christopher and drinking won’t help you move on.”

“I don’t want to move on.” Getting on her hands and knees, Danny tried to push herself off the ground, but failed. “Pointless, it’s all pointless. For two years I was happy. I had Kit, I had a home, a job, my sobriety…and poof, it’s all gone. I kissed my sailor goodbye and waited for him to come back, but he didn’t.”



Danny moved out of Reno’s reach. “I don’t think I can…I don’t know how to face another day without Christopher and the alcohol to trick my mind into thinking that he looks just like his brother. My heart is being shredded ever single sober second. I can’t let the fog clear for my mind, because then I start to think, to rationalize, I start to make sense of it and I’m afraid I’m going to accept it.” Danny cleared the emotion from her tone. “It’s not easy to pretend, to forget and to feel numb when I’m sober. I need to survive, it’s not killing me, it’s keeping me alive… alive for Kit, for when he comes back. He has to come back.”

“He is not.”

“Don’t say that to me.” Danny shook her head as if trying to get the truth out of her head. “You don’t understand, if he doesn’t come back, I don’t come back.”

Danny leaned into her brother’s embrace and cried. It had been a year ago after she had chased everyone from her room when she found herself at the Henry’s residence. Chris had let her in and left her undisturbed in Kit’s room for the night. It worked out well for her because everyone was either busy worrying about Kat and her early labor or DJ and his problems. For a while she liked the solitude, the fact that everyone was too busy with their lives to comfort her or keep an eye on her. Danny didn’t know exactly how she went from Kit’s bedroom and found herself in the Henry’s bar. Her heart and body were going through a myriad of emotions she had never felt before. She never knew a person could feel numb and in great pain at the same time.

Danny didn’t know how long she had been standing there staring at the whiskey bottle. She hadn’t even noticed Chris come up behind her and fill her a glass. Danny told herself she could stop at any time and Chris echoed that belief. Soon he was the only one she felt she could depend on, the only one she believed was on her side. Chris was the only one who would support her habit and agree with anything she wanted. So when he asked her to marry hi, her obvious answer was yes. Besides he looked so much like Kit, that staring at his face was comforting. So no matter how much her family was against it, Danny was still going to go ahead with the marriage. It was the only way she could survive.

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