Romance Romance Romance,


So this year at around March I discovered K-Dramas, Chiniese, Taiwanese and Philipino dramas, so progress has been slow. Its the reason why Book 5 of the New Yorkers will probably not be out until the end of the year. Fingers crossed.  The book is done, just polishing before sending it off to SCP.

pict 2

So as I write I listen to a bunch of music. It doesn’t matter if I understand the words, I have to feel the emotion (nosebleed). It has to make me happy, put me in a certain mood to help with my writing. So someone called me weird because I think as a result of watching Asian dramas, my music taste has veered off to the east. Top favorites Kim Hyung Joong, JJ Lin, Xian Lim, Sam Conception yes all dudes, please don’t ask me why i barely understand myself sometimes.


It is also for the above reasons that Fan-Fic hasn’t been going well. My day jobs, my writing and watching those shows, it’s been tight. However, at least by December I should have at least three up for your holiday reading. They will be free (i feel a need to point that out).  They are going to be original (not exactly Fan-Fic right?) short, about 2000-3000 words each obviously based on my dream men. Okay let’s just now call it MY DREAM BOYS or JUST A DREAM my own little world and realities. ha-ha!

I have goodies, a cover reveal. Forgive me for it being a slow year.


Finally thank you for giving my sister’s book BECAUSE I LOVE HIM, support. It is doing great. recommend it to your friends. Here is LOVE HER RIGHT, up for preorder.

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