Hey guys, I am working hard to get The New Yorker series finished.


here is a snippet of ‘THE AFFAIR’


Duke stared at the picture of Rayne and her son that he kept hidden in his wallet. He thought it was just another cliché move, sleeping with the nanny. He never thought he would fall in love with her or that it could potentially cost him half of what he owned. It was ridiculous how he thought he could keep his duty to his wife as a husband and have happiness with his mistress at the same time. Now Rayne was gone and she had taken his son with her. Everyone around them thought they had been in the train accident, but he knew better. It just wasn’t time to bring them back yet, for his anger to be fully satisfied and his vengeance effective he needed time.
Duke’s phone buzzed on his office desk. He glanced at it and saw it was Kit. He was going to let it go to voice mail but picked it up on the third ring.
“Duke, I found them. Rayne and your son. They are not dead.”
Shit, now what?


In his arms in his bed, that was where she felt safe and found pleasure. The thing was, Duke wasn’t hers to have.

Catch up with the New Yorkers here


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