Hi, Self-publishing is a little daunting. Its like going to school on your own. Mommy isn’t there to hold your hand and do everything for you anymore. So I have released 4 self pub books already through Amazon. This weekend HIS LOVE previously published by Breathless Press is going to be up.  It got  lot of love when it went up before, so I am hoping you who have read it will direct your friends to it. I had been asked before why it was not available. Breathless Press shut it doors and the rights were reverted back to me. So look out for it. Until then


SECRETS is available.

I have nothing against 1 stars we are all entitled to your opinions, but I don’t understand this one. I feel like she got me confused with someone else. Because the i hate the runaway and come back thing even in Dramas.


‘Not a good tale, I try to take a chance on this author because she is a decent writer but her female characters are usually a pain in the rear. I dislike most of them because they are usually weak, take off running for years. The few stories I’ve read of this author the female characters break up and make up with the their leading men this is a scenario that I cannot abide because some romance novelist believe this is the only way to write a love story I disagree. Regardless this story was unrealistic because after everything this idiot woman did to this man there is no way any self respecting male take her back so quickly. The story was rushed at the end with not a great story from this reader’s perspective however I will keep trying to give this writer a chance because her stories have a lot of potential.’


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