SAFE CRADLE…..(give away!!!)

So my title for this weeks book post is safe cradle. As a new author or writer, the first thing you do once your book is done is looking for a publisher to co-parent with you. Because essentially that’s what it is. You are pregnant for one month to however long it takes you to write and self edit your book.  Then you give birth, the book is done and what is left is for you to nurture your story. Then you meet with editors, beta readers, proofers, lets call them teachers, nanny’s and coaches who help you and your publisher get your book out. Like preparing your child for the world. The raised by a village way. Then you get your book live and all you want is for people to like it, engage with it and to an extent i will cautiously say validate it. yes sure we all like to say that we write for ourselves, but there is absolutely no shame in saying i write for others to like it, to say yes that’s a good book by a good author. And there is no better validation that money.


So when you are on your own, single parenting, let;s say. As much as you want to be bold with your story because no one is putting restrictions on it, I find it daunting. There are only two books that I have self published that weren’t published before. The Mara Song and My Path. I can’t remember why The Mara Song didn’t get picked up, but as for My Path, they said it was sad and it didn’t have a H.E.A. My thinking when I wrote this book is that love isn’t always beautiful, rosy and happy. Sometimes it can be the exact opposite of what we fantasize it to be. It can be realistic and at times that reality is harsh.

These two books will be free on Amazon from the 18th to the 22nd. (Click on Pictures)

marasong copy mokenyan copy






Anyway I published every book that has a lapsed contract or a publisher who closed its doors with the exception of The New Yorker Series and Denouement that I will rename to HER LOVE STORY.

So Red Tears Blue Blood is now called HER PRINCE and is available on Amazon at $2.99 from the $4.99 it was before.







This is the dedication I wrote for it. I thought about it when I saw some comments about a K-pop idol and his back up dancer. People can be petty and ridiculous.

On the outside we may look different,
one black, one white
one tall, one short,
one slim, one muscular
On the inside we bleed the same,
we hurt just the same,
we love the same,
Inside he has a heart that beats for me,
as fiercely as mine beats for him,
I love him, I will always love him.

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Love you!



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