It’s been a while, like a solid six months since I finished book 5 of The New Yorker and written anything. I have been handling stuff outside my Author bracket when it comes to profession. Been focusing on the script writer, writer and designer. But the voices in my head just got louder. So to prep for book 6,  (btw this is my last series. everything after this will be single titles. awesome ones coming soon) I will be writing fanfic. I and I guess the rest of the world have caught the K-bug i.e korean drama and pop music. This weekend the first part of the story will be up. I will try to get them up every weekend. just to jump start the creative juices.

Until then feast your eyes on the new covers for The New Yorkers (Secret Cravings shut their doors). It’s been terrifying starting from the beginning, but Inkspell are awesome guys, they have been guiding me through.

Betrayed.The NewYorker.v3 RoomateWithBenefits.v4by

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