Chapter 1.
“When our eyes met.”

It wasn’t the loud music echoing throughout the whole school that grabbed her attention. It was something else, hiding within the string, the beat and the keys. His voice, sultry and warm like an embrace. Her arms went around her as a slow smile spread across her face. It was seductive, compelling and she was irrevocably in love with it.
TEAYANG, his name suited him.
She swayed side to side, a completely different rhythm to the music blaring out of the speakers. But it wasn’t that she was listening to. Regardless of how beautiful it was, it wasn’t the music that had her hypnotized. It was his eyes, his smile and how entranced he seemed as he played his guitar. He as in his element and that made him desirable.
He strung the last cord. His hand making a swoop from his guitar strings…

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