He was a womanizer; she didn’t allow herself to forget that. But could she forget that kiss, deeply passionate and toe-curling? She didn’t think so. AJ had respected her wishes so far, but she could see he was slowly growing restless.

She needed to beat him at his own game. Become the master, use her head instead of her heart. And who could teach her that better than AJ himself? Shaking off the last bit of nerves she marched up to him, her fingers in a deathly grip on her pen.

“I think we should talk.”

“Finally!” He drew a deep breath. “I know it was wrong of me. I was a jerk and I just wanted to tell you, that night—”

“…shouldn’t be any different from all the others you’ve had, and the ones I’ve had after you.” She stared him down, hoping he couldn’t see her brazen lie.

Who else could have made her feel the way AJ did that night? Katherine didn’t think anyone could, so she hadn’t been with anyone else. She didn’t want the disappointment. What was worse, she didn’t think she could ever be with anyone else.

“We were two consenting adults. We had fun and there is no reason we shouldn’t have more fun,” she said.


Her statement came as much a surprise to her as to him, if not more. Stiffening her spine, and continuing her journey down the road to self-destruction, Katherine let her hormones speak for her once more. “There is no reason we couldn’t continue having fun. But, exclusively. I don’t want whatever diseases these nurses have.” To make a point at how nonchalant she was about her proposal, she winked at a passing intern who gave her a surprised look, before his lips curled into a disgusting smile.

“Are you up for the challenge? It would be kind of a monogamous relationship. But don’t think of me as your girlfriend. Think of me as your—”

“…mattress? Bed? You just want me on top of you, then to roll off when I am done?”

Katherine saw his jaw tighten, a dark shadow loom over his face and his expression close. She had overstepped.

“It’s exactly what I do with my bed. I lie on top of it, and once I am rested and satisfied I roll off.” He hissed through clenched teeth. “You want me to treat you like my bed.”

“You didn’t just lie on top of these other women and then roll off.” She could feel her embarrassment burn in her cheeks. “I want the whole show.”

“Then pay for a ticket,” AJ bit back before he stalked off.

Katherine ran after him determined to get in the last word. “What’s so different about me? You sleep with everything with a vagina, but not me. Is it not good enough for you anymore? What’s so different about me?”

“A lot of things. But the sad thing is, now you’ll never know.”




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