Piper sat on the window seat eating the vanilla flavored ice cream she got from the hospital cafeteria. She stared at the unconscious man on the bed. She watched as his chest rose and fell with every breath he took. She was a night nurse and had started sitting in Mr. Wyatt’s room ever since he had the accident. He had kept on crashing and she wanted to be ready when next his monitor beeped red. At times she would come during the day and sit with his mother Maya as she read to him. Sometimes she would take a turn reading to him. He had been here just two weeks, brought in after his Ferrari wrapped itself around a pole leaving his father dead and him in a coma. Usually Piper distanced herself from patients and their families but it was hard to ignore the pain in Maya’s eyes. She could still remember the woman’s wails when she found out her husband had died. Piper had wrapped her arms around her trembling body trying to pull her out of the trauma room and had ended up comforting the woman the whole night.

Drew that was her son’s name, he had just gotten married. But Piper had not seen his wife until the second day. She had come in with one of Drew’s friends, Simon. But after a fight with Leo, they had been thrown out. Piper had stood at a close distance watching as the drama unraveled before her. She had come to know Leo and his wife Amanda well, and from the pain in Leo’s eyes it was easy to tell that he loved his best friend. Piper never asked for details and they never offered.


Piper got off the window seat to peek her head out of the hospital room. It was silent, almost like a graveyard. This wing of the hospital usually was at this time of night. The coma wing wasn’t her usual duty, she was a trauma nurse. But she had promised Leo and Maya that she would look after Drew. A promise she should not have made in the first place. Piper went back to the bed and looked over Drew. He was so still, except for the rise and fall of his chest he looked dead. His skin was pale a huge contrast to his jet black hair. Every inch of his flesh was solid muscle. His jaw pronounced, the skin at the corner of his lips and eyes crinkled, telling her that he liked to smile and laugh. His lips were full, and even though there was a tube in his mouth it didn’t take away from his facial beauty. Not even the bandages on his chest, his broken arm or leg could mar his physical perfection.

“You are kind of beautiful, who am I kidding. You are the man of my dreams.” Piper stroked back his hair, fighting the sensation that the silky tresses made between her fingers and in her chest. “Piper Summers, only you would fall in love with a man in a coma.” Her finger traced his jaw line and his full lips, “I want to know what makes you smile and laugh so much. You must have so much joy in your life. So silent, alright I’ll go first, I laugh because there is so much pain in this world that I grab the first opportunity to celebrate the joy. I smile because with so much despair, there is still beauty in this world. I smile because, my heart won’t let me rest, and my mind fantasizes about the two of us.” A hot tear rolled down Piper’s cheek, “I can’t explain what you do to me. You make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I can’t breathe when I’m close to you, and I can’t bare it when I’m away from you. You are driving me crazy and I don’t even know the color of your eyes… or… or how your lips feel against mine.”



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