“I’m going to get his medication. You should probably go get some rest Maya,” Piper suggested.

“Are you sure? He is a bit of a bear at the moment.”

“A bear that happens to be my husband. I need to learn his moods and how to deal with them as early as now. Hopefully someday our marriage will less complicated.” Piper looked back at the door, “I really wish I had more time with him?”

“You will he is your husband.”

“No, your husband,” Piper heard Maya gasp and she immediately cursed her absentee mind. “I should not have said that. Maya I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” Maya smiled through her tears. “How long did he hold on for.”

“Just until I told him that Drew would survive. I wasn’t quite sure but he needed the peace. And I couldn’t tell him that Drew kept on crushing- shit! I’m sorry, you don’t need to know that.” Now she really felt like an idiot. Why don’t you tell her how her husband died, Piper. Go into all the gory details you’ve already started.

“Knowing that you were so close to loosing the one person you love the most is sobering,” Maya drew in a shaky breath. “Nothing I can do will bring Christopher back. But you, you can bring my son back to me.”


“Don’t give up on him. You fought so hard for him live. Don’t let him give up on life.”

“It’s not as easy as a crush pedal and a shot of adrenaline, Maya. Drew has to want to live again, otherwise nothing I could do would bring his old self back.”

“You’ll think of something, I am relying on you. And I don’t need him to be the old Drew. He never could be with everything that’s happened. I just need him to be less bitter. Being fixated on his guilt and revenge will rot his soul. Please Piper.”

How could she say, I’m not a miracle worker. Your son will probably remain a brute or sorry ma’am no can do. Instead she said, “I will love him with every ounce of my being and hopefully that will be enough.”




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