Ever since Piper had her melt down when he held her, Drew had been terrified of being left alone with her. He didn’t know what to do if he had another episode. And since Amanda handled the first one so well, he nodded in agreement and let her take the reins from his hands. Ever since his accident it seemed to him that his friends were having an easier and better experience when it came to handling some aspects of his life.

“Maya, why don’t you go with Amanda,” Leo asked.

“Of course dear.”

His mother’s expression mirrored his won. Drew knew something was up and the only reason Leo basically asked his mother to leave them alone was because what he had to tell him would probably upset her.

“Do I want to know?” Drew asked once the women were out of earshot.

“No, I don’t even want to know. But-,” Leo cleared his throat and pulled down his v-neck t-shirt collar. “Someone told the board that you are getting a divorce.”


“That same person happened to tell page six the same story.”

Drew paced the width of his narrow driveway. “I can’t believe this. If Piper even thinks that I am not here to support her… she will be crushed. You have to kill the story.”

“I am proud that Piper was the first person that came to mind, as your friend. But as your lawyer, I have to tell you that this rumor has the board thinking about taking away your inheritance.”

“Who even started the rumor? No one but us and a few hospital staff know. You did make them sign a confidentiality agreement.”

“Of course.”

“Then who?”

“Drew!” A panicked Amanda ran towards them.

“What is it?” Every muscle in Drew’s body tensed as he waited for Amanda to tell him the latest thing that had gone terribly wrong in his life.

“Piper is missing. We can’t find her.”

“What do you mean missing,” Drew talked and jogged at the same time. “This is a closed estate, the only way in and out is through the front gate. She must be here somewhere.”

“We have to find her, you heard what Lacey said.”

Drew’s jog turned into a run, his heart beating loudly in his ears and his lips moved as he said a prayer. He didn’t know if it was God’s intervention or what. As everyone ran into the garden, Drew took a detour towards the pool house. Even though his heart stopped at the sight before him, his legs didn’t. He saw Piper’s hair float at the surface of the pool as the rest of her was submerged and still. Drew ran into the water, her wrapped his arms around her and forced her head out.

Drew pushed her hair out of her eyes, his hands cupping her face. “Baby, are you okay? What were you doing?” He held her tightly and felt her slender arms lock behind his head. Piper cried and coughed and Drew didn’t think he had ever heard a more beautiful sound.




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