It’s been a while. Longer than a while.

I received all your messages about the latest releases, and yes, I am writing the ending to The NewYorker Series. (Number 1 asked questions) Life has been happening and it has made the process lag a bit.

I guess this is where the writing for yourself versus for everyone comes in.  Keeping in mind that there are people waiting to read your books makes you want to kick the speed up, but I always have to keep in mind my characters. I learned my lesson from a past book about rushing, so now I am taking my time.The book was received well, but I  always saw things that I could have explored further. I guess every writer has that moment. But don’t worry the book will be out soon.

So let’s talk about Broken Hearts. I want to share some of the feed backs I got, only the constructive ones tho. (P.S I read all of them and take them as a learning moment.

Let’s start with a critical one.

The title of this comment was IT FEEL’S INCOMPLETE. A feeling I get every single time I read or watch something. I could relate to this.

I love the book but the ending I didn’t like so much BC it didn’t say who was the father… Jealousy and pure evilness was awesome but Simon got what he deserve. I still say Piper should’ve shot him dead…. I’m glad they got their ending , even though they had to fight for their love and sanity… I would’ve gave it 5 stars but I feel like the book isn’t completed. I love M.O. Kenyan work but this book left me in mixed feeling...”

A supporting one. The title of this comment EMOTIONAL JOURNEY.


“I don’t know if this is a good or bad reflection on my naivety, but I have a hard time taking the villain seriously. I just can’t wrap my head around someone who would be so vicious. I have never had excess money so I don’t know the emotion of greed. I have learned to bridle my passions so I don’t understand the actions of lust. Because I don’t understand it, seeing characters with those traits make me feel like they are over exaggerated (even though I have to admit they probably aren’t). It saddens me that our world has people so desperate for money, power, and prestige that they would act in such a despicable manner.
I am shocked at how many difficult issues are shared in this novel. I thought the story elements would be deep enough, then it would introduce something even more difficult to handle. The fact that the author was willing to approach many of these issues makes me respect and appreciate the book even more. It grabbed at all my emotions.
In the flip side, I feel like love at first sight is a bit silly and unrealistic. The funniest thing about that is the fact that I got engaged after only knowing the man for three months and married after two more months. It’s a bit hypocritical of me, really. I was glad for the emotional path to love that both the main characters had to take (even though it was very difficult). I feel that it strengthened their emotions even more and was able to bring them closer together in the end.
Sadly, I don’t think the cover art does this book justice. If I was browsing the bookstore, that cover would not give me any inclination of what was to come in the novel. I am afraid I would pass it by – which would be tragic because I am so impressed with the read. The cover is captivating, but just doesn’t present any type of message of the true depth and impression that this book will make.”

I rarely get people who defend me so I had to put this up.  Title of the comment HEAD SPINNER!

“I strongly disagree with the negative comments made about this story. The book had many twists and turns, which was a little distracting, but overall it was a good read. The ending was vague, but reading between the lines revealed all of the secrets.”

And my favorite comment goes to LYT ITS A STORY OF TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

“Broken Hearts is a powerful book. There is so much going on in this story. Iyt is a story of true love conquers all! When Lindsey and Simon betray Drew he is crushed. But Piper’s love brings him around. There is so my sadness. The title is truly fitting but the constant through it all is true love conquers all. A very good read. Didn’t want to put it down. Loved it!”

And on that note, for those who want to make their own conclusions…. BROKEN HEARTS will be offered at a discounted price $0.99 from the 5th-16th of JUNE. Get your copy here


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