It's been a while. Longer than a while. I received all your messages about the latest releases, and yes, I am writing the ending to The NewYorker Series. (Number 1 asked questions) Life has been happening and it has made the process lag a bit. I guess this is where the writing for yourself versus … Continue reading WRITING FOR EVERYONE VS WRITING FOR YOURSELF



Hey guys,   The Devil's Angel barely had a year live, when SCP closed its doors. This time Beachwalk Press has helped me release it. And for a one time offer it is available for .99c. Check it out on Amazon.


Guyyyyss!!!! It's been a while, like a solid six months since I finished book 5 of The New Yorker and written anything. I have been handling stuff outside my Author bracket when it comes to profession. Been focusing on the script writer, writer and designer. But the voices in my head just got louder. So … Continue reading WATCHA DOING?


Hey guys, I have been self publishing my old titles on Amazon.  The latest one is HER LOVE STORY, it used to be known as Denouement.           Marietta Parks believes that the only way to stop surprises from happening in life is to control your own fate. Paying attention to every … Continue reading MY SELF PUBLISHED TITLES.


Hi, Self-publishing is a little daunting. Its like going to school on your own. Mommy isn't there to hold your hand and do everything for you anymore. So I have released 4 self pub books already through Amazon. This weekend HIS LOVE previously published by Breathless Press is going to be up.  It got  lot … Continue reading SELF PUBLISHING


hey guys!!! I know I said that i would be starting my own fanfic obsession, i even got a page up. The thing is I have been very busy with my own stories, POSSESSED, LOVE AND WAR both out in SEPTEMBER and writing the 5th NEW YORKER; ADDICTED TO HIM, excerpt below. Plus THE REBEL'S … Continue reading BECAUSE I LOVE HIM


“Eve! He is back, your handsome American.” Eyvette wrung the towel cloth in her hands. Nervous didn’t begin to describe how she felt each time the man came to the café. Eyvette’s reaction had always been to hide behind the counter, listen to him order, and melt in her own piece of heaven. His voice … Continue reading THE HOPELESS ROMANTIC


DJ had never run away from anything in his life, until this moment. He couldn’t explain it, but his heart had kicked into gear when he looked into those deep, emerald eyes. She was trouble, and DJ couldn’t afford that kind of trouble at the moment. He was here trying to find himself, not his … Continue reading THE PLAYBOY

It’s been a minute…

Hey guys, I hope you are enjoying book 4, ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY. So I had two other releases coming your way this year, Love and War & Broken Hearts, but they will be put on hold. The Publishing company handling them, Breathless Press, closed their doors on the 1st of May. So right now … Continue reading It’s been a minute…


Hey! I want to thank you guys for the support you have given the New Yorker books. The newest member, Once Upon A Play Boy is out this May on the 5th. Until then for those who haven't read the series catch up. Books are available on Amazon. To say thank you here is 1000 … Continue reading THANK YOU